Louis J. Grasmick Lumber Company

What We Do

Our inventory is your inventory. 



Yellow Pine - 2" x 4" - 12", up to 24' lengths; 4" x 4" x 10' - 20' timbers (any grade available)

Spruce-Pine-Fir - 2" x 4" - 2" x 12", up to 20' lengths (grades #2 & better)

Hem Fir / Hemlock - 2" x 4" - 2" x 12", up to 28' lengths; 3" x 4", 4" x 4" - up to 20' (grades #2 & better)

Doug Fir (Dry or Green) - 2" x 4" - 12", up to 28'; 4" x 4" - up to 20' (grades #2 & better - #4)

*The above can be supplied as non-treated or pressure treated (MCA, Borate, fire-retardant or saltwater-resistant) to meet all LEEDS standards


Mixed Hardwoods (strong) – Any thicknesses and widths up to 12”, up to 30’ lengths

Mixed, No Poplar (stronger) – Any thicknesses and widths up to 12”, up to 30’ lengths

Oak (strongest) – Any thicknesses and widths up to 12”, up to 30’ lengths

PET (Precision End Trimmed) Boards:

Softwoods, hardwoods, PVC and more (any size available)

Specialty Products:

Kebony (our recommended, sustainable alternative to tropical hardwoods)

Composite Decking and Trim (any brand available)

Exotic hardwoods such as Ipe, Cumaru, and Jatoba (Brazilian Redwood), and more

OSHA Scaffolding

*Please inquire about your specialty wood needs, as there are too many options to list.

Engineered Wood Products:

LVL, Parallams, I-Joists, LSL, Glulam Beams, Rim Board (any size available)

Manufactured Wood Products (built in-house):

GMA Pallets, Specialty Pallets, Crates, Concrete Forms, Custom Rustication Strips, and more

“Grazmats” – Timber Mats, Laminated Mats, Bridge Mats, and Barge Mats (New & Used)

*We’re can make any wood product based on your specifications and/or drawings. Please email or call us for more details. 

Panels (for structural framing, concrete forming, industrial uses and more): 

AB Marine Plywood, AC Fir, BC Pine, BB-OES Pine Plyform, BB-OES Fir Plyform Struc. 1 Premium Face

Fire Treated Plywood (interior and exterior, square edge and T&G, blue stain)and Pressure Treated Plywood (CCA or MCA)

OSB (Oriented Strand Board) (8', 9', 10', all thicknesses available)

MDO (Medium Density Overlay), HDO (High Density Overlay)

Fiber Cement Siding and Trim (all brands available, which include a wide selection of colors and styles)

Hardwood Plywood (Birch, Oak, Maple)

Medium Density Fiberboard (for Panels, Shelving, Particleboard Counter-top, Industrial-Grade Particleboard Panels)

Dens Glass, China Board, Tulsa, Standard Hardboard, Lauan (interior and exterior), SDB (Sound Deadening Board), Sanded Panels, Shaftwall Liner, Dens Glass, Gypsum Sheathing, Fin Form, T1-11 (Pine and Fir),  Lattice, Particleboard, Thermoply

Metal, Hardware, and Accessories:

Rebar, Wire Mesh, Block Mesh, Slab Bolsters, Forming Stakes, Tie Wire, Bar Ties, Rod Chairs, Anchor Bolts, Nails, Fasteners, Hangers, Pulls, Hinges, Catches, Lock Knobs, House Wrap, All-Purpose Tape, Polyfilm, Safety Fence, T-Post, OSHA Caps, Metal and Polyester Strapping, Metal Studs and Accessories, Aluminum flashing, Structural Fiberglass, Aluminum railing, Masonry Wall Reinforcement Truss, Waterproofing Products, Roofing Products (felt and roll roofing, Sill Seal, and more.